30 HeatWorks Toe Warmers

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Heatworks are single use, air activated heat packs that provide warmth for your hands and feet on those cold days. The Heatworks hand warmers provide up to eight hours of warmth, while the Heatworks toe warmers provide up to five hours of comfort.  Heatworks hand and toe warmers are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing or for people who work outside in the cold to keep extremities warm and assist insulated clothing.

Heatworks Hand Warmers and Toe Warmers are a must have for anyone working or playing in cold environments. Simply open the cellophane bag, exposing the warmer to air and — instant warmth lasting for hours. Put one in each pocket, or in your work gloves and provide warmth for your hands from the cold.

Our Heatworks Hand Warmers and Toe Warmers slip into gloves, pockets, shoes or between layers of clothing.

Toe Warmers - 30 Pairs

  • All natural ingredients
  • Air Activated
  • No batteries
  • No microwaves
  • No fuels
  • No odor
  • Natural heat
  • Average activated temperature is 135 degree F.
  • Up to 5 hours of pure heat
  • Environmentally safe

  • Dimensions: 4" x 3" per Pair
  • Weight: 1 oz per Pair