Building a Log Cabin Retreat

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Building a Log Cabin Retreat

A Do-It-Yourself Guide

by Michael Mulligan

If you've ever dreamed of building a rustic log cabin to use as a weekend hideaway, hunting lodge or even an emergency retreat, this book tells you how to make it a reality. This step-by-step guide is chock-full of tips and advice culled from author Michael Mulligan's decades of experience. Specializing in do-it-yourself projects that use improvised materials and avoid bureaucratic hassles, Mulligan first shares invaluable insight on finding your land and negotiating the shark-filled waters of real estate deals. Then, in straightforward terms that even a novice can follow easily, he walks you through the construction process, from selecting and preparing the logs to erecting and chinking the walls to building the roof and finishing the interior. He also includes a chapter on dispensing with public utilities in meeting your water, sewage, heating, cooking, lighting, power and refrigeration needs. Finally, for those who wish to tackle a scaled-up version of Mulligan's basic design, he presents the formulas necessary for calculating the parameters and selecting the proper material.

Michael Mulligan has built a career in engineering while pursuing hobbies centered around the reproduction of American frontier artifacts such as the Kentucky rifle and, above all, the log cabin. He began more than 30 years ago by building a full-size home from locally cut pine trees and went on to construct a series of smaller log buildings, including vacation and hunting/camping cabins. Mulligan is currently involved in the research and development of improved ways of supplying remote locations with economical and reliable solar electric power.

92 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"