Caldwell 125789 Brass Retriever

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  • Designed to make picking up brass extremely easy
  • Reduces time and saves your back
  • Telescoping handle to customize the length
  • Simply push down and roll the Brass Retriever over the brass
  • End caps open to easily empty the Brass Retriever
  • Are you tired of spending more time bending over and picking up brass at the range then you do shooting?
  • Try the Caldwell Brass Retriever. Now picking up spent brass is as easy as pushing a mop.
  • The Brass Retriever can pick up rifle and pistol brass quickly and efficiently.
  • It even helps prevent stress on your back from bending over.
  • The Brass Retriever works anywhere, even on grass and gravel.
  • The retriever comes complete with a roll cage separator that allows you to dump the collected brass into a bucket quickly.
  • It is collapsible as well, making it convenient to transport to and from the range.
  • Expands from 28”up to 57” tall.