Deluxe M2 Medical First Aid Backpack

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Deluxe M2 Medic First Aid Backpack

  • This Mini Hospital Tactical Backpack can hold all your mission needs.
  • EVA molded back for better ventilation
  • Thick long handle
  • Waist strap
  • Back strap webbing enhanced to wider webbing
  • The bag contains many Velcro and zippered compartments for easy access to pack over possible hundreds items inside.
  • 1000D Nylon Fabric
  • Front mid size compartment includes four small and one large mesh pockets
  • Front main compartment includes four small and one large Velcro mesh pockets with label slots and four mid size pockets with elastic straps and Velcro straps. Long vertical pocket with zipper & elastic straps
  • Rear main compartment features a zippered pouch with zippered mesh and miscellaneous pockets & straps. Drawstring mesh pocket with buckle clasps and two open pockets with zipper mesh front and wide back pockets with Velcro straps
  • Small Molle webbing pack with clear Velcro compartment and four Velcro straps inside
  • Medium Molle webbing pack with three open pockets with elastic straps & button strap and Velcro flap pocket with elastic straps
  • This bag has numerous buckle straps on the outside for pack tightening.
  • Molle webbing on front pocket to connect included packs
  • Easy access shoulder pockets & straps
  • 20" x 13" x 10"