Harvest Right In-Home Freeze Dryer - Medium

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Product Description

This patent pending appliance has the capability of freeze drying approximately two gallons (two #10 cans) per 24-hour batch. In a year’s time, you can easily freeze dry 300-400 gallons of food.

  • Easy set-up
  • Preserve food for 20+ years with your own Freeze Dryer
  • Perfect for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more

Each Harvest Right freeze dryer includes:

  • Commercial Grade Vacuum Pump
  • Four (4) Stainless Steel Trays
  • Instruction Manual

Dimensions: 30” Tall, 20” Wide, and 25” deep–perfect for a countertop, cart, or table.


What are the dimensions of the freeze dryer?

The freeze-dryer is 30” tall, 20” wide, and 25” deep–-perfect for a countertop, cart, or table.

How much does it weigh?

Just over 100 Pounds

How much food can the system freeze dry each time it is used?

6-10 pounds of food will fit in your freeze-dryer. That amount of food will typically fill one and one-half to two #10 cans of food–-an amount equivalent to two gallons.

How long is the warranty?

1 Year limited warranty

What type of power does it use?

Standard 110 Volt

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