Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper - Autographed by Author

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Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper

Autographed by Author

by Dennis D. Morrison

We have turned a blind eye to the many Christian hot button issues mostly because we haven’t paid attention and have disengaged from politics so we are on the precipice of losing all our freedoms. With corruption abounding in our government they have spent us within an inch of insolvency. The hand of God showed up on election day giving Trump the win at the very last hour saving our freedom. Americans have been given a second chance. We saw first hand how close we came to losing all our freedoms and it could all happen again if we don't come together and get in the political game. This was the very reason that, Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper was written. This is one book you will want in your book collection as we move into the Last Days! How we turn all this back is answered deep in the Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which the author calls the Three Power Pillars. The effects of turning from God are tribulations, and the Last Days are filled with them. Christians are under siege by multiple enemies and we have not even grasped the gravity of it. We are fully not prepared for the devastating events that will come as a result! This book helps us be prepared spiritually and physically for the Last Days and helps us cope and prepare for the coming evils and disasters the Bible says will come. Next to the Bible you will want this book to help you navigate the Last Days. The seconds’ are ticking off the clock before Jesus returns for His Church and He will demand an accounting of our actions as to why we allowed His flag to be taken down and Satan’s raised with out objection or fight. Simply we have left our first love and did not look after our Father’s business. We crowded God out of our lives at every turn with every electronic device and self-gratification. Although we were given a reprieve, we know from the Bible that a global agenda is coming upon the entire world so we must wake up, come together, develop an Action Plan and push it back. We have remained silent as liberal politicians slowly and methodically dissolve our Christian morals. We must begin our own Christian renaissance by uniting the Christian churches, standing on and being educated in the Three Power Pillars, demanding our Godly leaders come out and speak boldly and openly God’s word so that every American knows where God stands on all the issues that are front and center today. They must lead us, instill a clear vision from the Lord and enact Action Plans so the Christian community can move forward and win battles! To God be the glory, onward Christian soldier fight!

  • Paperback: 358 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 29, 2016)
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