Pocket Shot Arrow Kit Slingshot

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Pocket Shot Arrow Kit Slingshot

The Pocket Shot ARROW KIT includes everything you need to shoot arrows.

Package includes:

  • High Impact Poly Rings and Cap
  • Arrow Cap
  • 4 Nock Caps
  • 2 Arrow Pouches
  • Instruction sheet
  • *Does not include arrows

The Pocket Shot is the evolution of the slingshot.  Our patented circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters and recreational use as its tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment.  

  • When the Pocket Shot is in use, it measures 5 inches long but the Pocket Shot measures only 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches when it is closed.
  • We recommend to use 1/4 inch up to 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs around .4 cal, and airsoft for the Pocketshot.  We DO NOT recommend Bb's as they will tear the pouch and may be dangerous.
  • Our aluminum pouch molds with power fins (patent pending) have been specially designed to maximize power and accuracy.    Each pouch is dipped in the highest quality latex and hand rolled to perfection.  All pouches go through an inspection process to insure quality. 
  • Our Pocket Shot base ring, locking ring, and cap have all been CNC'd in steel to ensure every unit is identical.  The material used to make the pocket shot is a fiber reinforced composite that can be found in some top of the line knife and gun handles.
  • Up to 350 feet per second, the Pocket Shot is not a toy. 
  • Created and built in the USA, our team takes pride in our invention and hopes you enjoy it as much as we do.
  • The Pocket Shot includes one standard pouch and one pro-pouch
  • The inner, outer ring and cap is made from Poly-carbonate, strong and durable for your outdoor needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the Standard (black) and Pro Pouch (blue)?
  • The Standard (black) pouch is already attached to the The Pocket Shot when you purchase one.  It is the old faithful pouch getting up to 300 fps.  The latex compound has some properties that make it a little more durable and it has a reinforced tip.  The wall thickness provides a strong pull of about 24 pounds.  
  • The Pro (blue) pouch is included inside The Pocket Shot.  This pouch gets up to 350 fps and in some cases over 350 fps.  The latex compound has a little more snap, but loses some of the durability.  This pouch is great for any competitive shooting.
  • Both pouches are included with The Pocket Shot order.  The bands are easily changed out in less than a minute.  We encourage customers to try both and see what they like best.  We are constantly testing new compounds to provide the best performing pouches.​​
How many shots can I expect to get with the pouches?​ 
  • Typically you will get between 200-400 shots off with a pouch.
  • A new user will get on the low side and an experienced shooter will learn to get more shots out of them based on shooting technique.
  • The number of shots a user gets depends on how hard you are on the pouches, what type of ammo you use, storage of the pouch and keeping it clean.
  • They are designed to be replaceable and it takes less than 30 seconds to replace by the average user. 
  • Think of pouches as disposable razors or weedwhacker line.  
  • It is a new concept for the "slingshot."
What types of ammo can be used with The Pocket Shot?
  • ​Many different types of ammo can be shot with The Pocket Shot. 
  • We do not recommend shooting anything smaller the 1/4 inch, this includes bb's.  
  • Other types of ammo that can be shot with The Pocket Shot include marbles, lead, airsoft (preferably .25 grams), paintballs, smooth river rocks, and arrows with the arrow pouch.  
  • Always be aware of your backdrop and use eye protection when shooting.