UV Paqlite Mule Light with Blacklight LED'S Flashlight & Lantern

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Product Specs:
Product Details:
-UV Blacklight LED Bulbs
-180 Degree Magnetic Clip
-3 AAA Batteries
-Intervals Settings:
On 4 Seconds/ Off 2 minutes or  
On 4 Seconds/ Off 4 Minutes

Product Details:
- Made by UVPaqlite
- Never Wears Out,. No Chemicals, No Activation Required
- Absorbs any light to recharge, glows at  a diminishing rate for over 12hours.
- Attaches to flashlight with silicone bands
- 4in Solid Stick
- Lanyard attachment
  • Conserving battery power while using any light source isn’t easy. Luckily, the people at Paqlite have developed the Mule Light to counter any battery life issues.
  • The Paqlite Mule Light is referred to as a “hybrid light.” It combines the brightness and efficiency of LED lights with the reliability and simplicity of glow in the dark.
  • The Mule Light uses a high intensity LED flashlight and a UV Glostik made from enhanced glow-in-the-dark crystals to create the hybrid light. It is designed to conserve battery life and reduce waste caused by disposable glow sticks.
  • The battery conservation from the Mule Light works in energy saving cycles. Four-second bursts of light from the flashlight every two or four minutes keep the glow in the dark crystals at a bright level allowing users to maintain a glow stick illumination for anywhere between 300 and 600 hours.
  • The Paqlite Mule Light turns on and off in timed intervals. The flashlight turns on for four seconds, essentially charging the glow stick, and then turns off for two or four minutes, depending on the setting. During those two or four minutes, the battery life in the Mule Light is not being drained, the lighting is coming from the glow stick.
  • To set the Paqlite Mule Light for a two-minute interval mode, the user must press and hold the “on/off” button after single flash and release. For the four-minute interval mode, the user must press and hold the “on/off” button after double flash and release. To exit either interval mode, the user must press the “on/off” button again.
  • The flashlight runs on three AAA batteries. The magnetic clip on its back makes the Paqlite Mule Light a great hands-free work light.